Friday, October 5, 2012

Spring Grove, A Lake in Kentucky and A New Blog

Yesterday I went with Vanessa Sorensen for a little walk at Spring Grove and some sketching. It is so beautiful there.

It is interesting because I did not know that Spring Grove was constructed in the 1830s after a Cholera epidemic and the overcrowding of little church cemeteries was unsightly.

This is the Robinson Mausoleum. I found out after that it was built in 1874 for $35,000. The Robinson family owned Robinson’s Circus from 1824 to 1916 when they sold it to the American Circus which later merged with Ringling Brothers. The place is cram-packed with these historical goodies.

I forgot to post a couple weeks ago this sketch of the dock at my in-laws at Lake Barkley in Kentucky. It was a great place to view birds. I saw herons, a turkey vulture,and many others.

My little setup next to my sketch...

 Finally, I just started a new blog. It is meant to be a place where I develop children's stories. First off is Francis Tales. I did a dummy a few years ago. This is a new iteration of that to start, but it will be a home for stories, experiments and little nugget ideas. Stop by and say hi:


  1. These are terrific little watercolours Christina !
    I have to ask - what are you painting on ? It looks like a moleskine. Do they make them for watercolour or are you using a regular one, and if so, how does it take the paint ?

    Anyway - great work !

  2. Beautiful watercolor sketches. They have such a sturdy feeling and so much self-assurance; they have that powerful sense of mastery of the medium and a confidence that frees you to do exactly what you *want*, not what you struggle to *try*. Just a pleasure to look at, makes me feel I'm there.

    1. Thanks Zina! I really, really enjoy doing them. I love drawing something just for me that really has no commercial purpose although I think it helps all my work improve.