Thursday, July 4, 2019

Sketch Diary: Light Grey Art Lab Residency And Norway!

Bergen from the top of the hill, the goat's name is Festus

My interpretation of a Huldra, a type of siren in Norweigian folklore

I recently went on Light Grey Art Lab's Norway residency at part of Team Huldra. It was an amazing experience and an excuse to meet a bunch of wonderful creatives.

After the residency, my mom and cousins met me in Bergen for more exploration. 

When I got back, I thought I did not do much sketching until I counted them. I did 32 sketches over 17 days!

Freya and her cat chariot, June 3rd
The spectacular train ride from Oslo to Bergen

Studies from the train, June 4th
Bergen at my Air BnB, June 5th
Bus sketch, June 5th
First nature walk, June 5th
Waterfall sketch, June 6th
Sketch from the Ingebrigt Vik Museum in Øystese
Church and Graveyard in Øystese, June 6th
Marina, June 7th

Waiting for the bus, June 7th
Beautiful waterfall. I was actively rained on while doing this sketch. I think it improved it! June 8th
Rune mat I made when we made our own runes, June 9
Last sketch with the LGAL crew, June 10th
Bergen Week
After the residency we explored Bergen.

Fjord tour, June 11th

The iconic harbor, June 11th
Norges Fiskerimuseum, June 12th
Maria Snyder took this picture of me sketching at the Fisheries Museum
Little boat at the fisheries museum, June 12th
Mom and me 

Dinner at FG, June 12th
 Jens Harald Bratlie Edvard Grieg Museum, June 13th

We got to see a wonderful piano performance at the Edvard Grieg Museum.

The Bryggen, June 13th
St. Mary's, June 13th
Viking boat at Bergen Maritime Museum, June 14th
One of the supercool models at the Maritime Museum, June 14th
Fish Soup at the Zupperia on June 11th
View from our gorgeous Air BnB in Bergen, June 15th
Last sketch in Bergen of one of the Art Museum buildings, June 15th
Bergen was amazing. There was also a music festival going on during our trip. We could hear Robert Plant and Patti Smith performing from our apartment!

Beautiful Bergen sunset!
Our band photo! 
One of my favorite Bergen sketches, June 15th

On to Oslo...

We had a very short time and very quick sketches.

Sketched in Aker Brygge, June 16th
The Folk Art Museum, June 17th
I loved the little houses at the Folk Art Museum. I want to do more studies later.

Adorable houses at the Folk Art Museum!
Mom and me at the Munch Museum
Obligatory Munch The Shriek photo

That was the trip! It was an amazing journey!