Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Findlay Market and Doodles

Quick sketch at Findlay Market Saturday Morning
It was such a nice day on Saturday that I stopped by Findlay Market to sketch. I also did a little shopping for apples and stuffed pork chops from Kroger Bros. But of course I always stop for a little gelato. Dojo Gelato has some great flavors. I got a mix of Maple Cream Cheese and Pumpkin.

It was very weird to open the Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday and see their photo of the market from almost the same vantage point. I suppose it is the best angle and there is seating there. It was very serendipitous. Although, I doubt this is a situation like the TV show Heroes where a character was drawing the future. If  I start sketching natural disasters however, watch out! It could be a total Cassandra situation.

Anyway, here is a doodle I did while waiting for my computer to restart. Thank goodness I am upgrading!

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