Monday, October 18, 2021

USk Sketch Together


USk Sketch Together was a world sketching event on October 18th that started in New Zealand, went through Asia, Europe, and ended up in the Americas. The event was 24 hours and each world Zone had an hour-long Instagram LIVE interviewing chapters.

I hosted the Americas and interviewed urban sketchers from Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Florida, and Las Vegas. The interview is now on YouTube.

It was so fun seeing the different chapters show off their sketches! Check out all the sketches at the hashtag and see the urban sketching global family!

It was pretty cool!

Mauricio López (individual sketcher)/Ecuador USk Quito

USk São Paulo (Brazil) -Ronaldo Kurita

USk Jacksonville (Florida/USA) Chris Flagg & Lisa Deems

USk Las Vegas (USA)/ Erick Roberts

USk Mexico City / Admins: Brian Luna, Monse , Ivan

Co-Host Xana Jazmin