Thursday, September 30, 2021

Cabinet of Curiosities Issue 2 TRAILS, TRAINS, AND TERROR


It has been a year since our first Kickstarter. Back in 2019, a group of local comic creators got together to make a comic anthology that showcased the talent in the tri-state area.

After some discussion, we decided it needed a hook. Kat Klockow, who became the editor of the anthology, had worked on a radio show in the past called Paranormal View and it seemed like we could all agree that paranormal and weird Cincinnati was a theme where we could all find stories to tell.

Kat came up with a dossier of topics and we each chose one.

Last year, I did a story about Satan's Hollow.

We also started our podcast last year as a companion to the yearly comic called Hometown Haunts.

Early on, we had Cincinnati Enquirer historian Jeff Suess visit the podcast and he spoke about Laura Pruden, the Price Hill Medium, her consultations with Sir Arthur Conan Doyal of Sherlock Holmes fame, and her connection to the invention of the Magic 8-Ball. I LOVED the story. It was such an interesting story and also revealed a picture of Cincinnati's rich toy history.

I asked Jeff to write a story for me to illustrate for Issue 2 and The Curious Tale of the Price Hill Medium and the Invention of the Magic 8-Ball is the result!

There are 5 other great stories in this year's book too!

The Kickstarter goes LIVE Monday. 

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