Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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Advanced Digital Painting


Final Painting Demo Week 6-7

This summer, once again I taught Advanced Digital Painting at NKU. It is a deep dive into using pixels as your canvas.

No matter what medium you use, good painting techniques require a good grasp of color theory, drawing, and composition.

Many think that digital art is a shortcut. It is not. Yes, there are some things about it that are easier, especially at the revision phase, but building a good image requires time and vision.

One of the best parts of the class is doing demos.

Here are the rest from summer 2021.

Watch timelapses of the demos here!

Week 1 Potion of Flying

Week 1 Lute of Thunder

Week 2 Being in a Landscape

Week 3 Using Reference

Week 4 Landscapes

20 Minute Landscape

Week 5 Portrait of Loki

Friday, August 6, 2021

Interview for NKU

NKU has been working for a while to have an animation program.

This fall, the major is an offering from the school. I am excited to have my fall class about sequential illustration as a part of the curriculum!

I have worked with NKU since 2013 and really enjoy working with the students and faculty.

I recently did an interview about the new program.