Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ral Buldhar: A Dungeons and Dragons Art Show

The Justice League Adventuring Party
I am a part of this fun show opening on the 11th!

“At the confluence of The Cascades and the River Eyathyr, three great kingdoms also intersect. Between them all is a towering spire of rock, buttressed by enormous stone monoliths in the form of ancient giants. Atop this spire, creatures of all races meet to trade, negotiate, argue, and find their fortunes. This is Ral Buldhar, the City of Giants.”

In the summer of 2018, twelve writers, performers, and artists, strangers to each other, assembled in Cincinnati to undertake the adventure of a lifetime: a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. Split evenly into two tables of six, this group of met weekly for three months to roll dice, role play, laugh, and explore Ral Buldhar - where fate had greatness in store for each of them.

On January 11th, we invite you to the opening of an art show made up of work from their experience playing together.

Performances: TBA

The Game Masters: Jeb Brack & Alexa Justice

The Players: Aiesha Little, Anissa Pulcheon, Christina Wald, Gabrielle Lanza, Geoffrey Woolf, Jay B. Kalagayan, John Sebastian, L.D. Nehls, Marcus Donaldson, & Scott Holzman.

Chase Public
2826 Colerain

We also did a radio play and there is a lot of cool art!

The Displacer Beast!