Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky... Back From NYC

Two snakes discuss keeping cool is A Cool Summer Tail

I just got back from trip to visit my brother and his family in NYC.

I plan to post the sketches I did soon, but as usual, I come back to a pile of deadlines so I will atone properly for my time off.

Anyway, even if this image from A Cool Summer Tail is not Halloween-specific, many find snakes spooky. (No offense garter snakes...)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A day of sketching at Eagle Bend Alpaca Farm!

This one had great markings

Last weekend, Vanessa and I got out to sketch alpacas at the Eagle Bend Alpaca Farm in Burlington, KY as a birthday treat.

They are such beautiful animals with amazing variation in coat color. I love their pompadours.

Some gestures in ink...

A group feeding...
The tip of the alpaca iceberg

I also saw a furry alpaca hat I will have my eye on when I return...

It is a perfect place for a plein air set up with the old barns and rolling hills.

Next time...