Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lunken Airport and Gateway Quarter

MG and cool chrome plane at Lunken... This is my new itty bitty sketchbook that fits in my new purse.
Squeezed in a couple sketches between deadlines and posting some old ones. I have been biking more lately at the newly expanded trail at Lunken because I love it! This weekend was Aviation Days so it was a double bonus. The weather was a little iffy yesterday though or I would have taken a Cessna ride over downtown Cincinnati.

The MG outside the show was gorgeous. It almost had cliched sparkle. Too bad a bunch of bikes were leaned against it.

I did this several weeks ago. I have biking at the cool new trail at Lunken lately...
Sketch of our view from the 1215 at a little outdoor table waiting for our call to get int Bakersfield OTR Friday.

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