Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Indiana Bat Festival and Aquarium Sketches

In the mood to sketch chrome after Lunken. Still snuck in a dragon... Guess what my Christmas card will be this year...
 It is a bit of a hodge podge of sketches lately. Over the weekend, I went to the Indiana Bat Festival at Indiana State University. Laura Hohman and her husband Jim were nice enough to let me stay at their place so I did not have to get a hotel room. It is a great show! I also love all the taxidermy, weird plastic molded cross sections of plants, cells and animals, and skulls/skeletons that decorate the halls. Definitely different decor than what we had at DAAP!

Today, after our weekly illustrators lunch, Linda Bittner and I went to a really cool  exotic aquarium store called Aquatics and Exotics in Mt. Healthy (in walking distance from her house).

Done at the Indiana Bat Festival over the weekend...

At the aquarium store...

These are so super cool!


  1. I love the alligator and the expression on the first skull...he just seems so goofy! Keep em coming. It's so fun to see your sketches!

  2. You would have liked the science building, especially the taxidermy.