Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sketching Cars, Cats and Findley Market

Miffy is always a star!
I have been super-swamped all week. Finally I had a break in the action to sketch.

I was inspired to do this sketch after seeing Simon Tofield (of Simon's Cat fame) speak at Joseph Beth Booksellers.

Also, I did this car sketch as a study for my next Ultimate Sinister comic. It is a little late for the time period by 30 years, but I love the design.

Finally, I got out in the field to sketch yesterday with my friend Amy. We went to a good indoor location at Findley Market.

Fortunately, I am not cooking a Thanksgiving dinner this year and was free to observe the frantic purchasing of comestibles.

We we comfortable seated in the eating area next to the taco stand.
Vine video:

Photo by Amy Bogard of me sketching

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