Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Italy Part 3: Florence

This was drawn after a very rainy morning. I need to design that urban sketcher sit-upon. Only cooler than the ones we made in girl scouts though.

Here is a vine video sketching on location: https://vine.co/v/bdbu6ubdLwn

I was sitting on the steps of the Duomo for this one. There were throngs of people around and lots of students eating gelato.

It was very cold. I sketched until my hand was numb.

Vine video: https://vine.co/v/bdnxVt3H6q2

Christina Wald view of the Duomo from the tower


  1. Beautiful city...beautiful work

  2. Thanks! I wish we could have stayed longer.

  3. I love how on the bottom drawing the left edge is hard and the right edge is soft with the windows just indicated by the watercolor. And the details are awesome! I can't get enough of these!