Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Downton Abbey Fun and Maybe Not So Fun

Where is Bette Davis when you need her...
As many know, I have been a huge Downton Abbey fan. So, of course, last night's episode was a disappointment. I fee like the writing since the first season has been uneven. There were many other ways to handle the "Matthew" situation:

-Matthew could have been kidnapped by aliens
-Sent to India
-Sent to the mad house
-Recast like Bewitched/Rosanne characters
-A Doctor Who solution... Cast David Tennant as Matthew!

Season Four Likely Scenarios:

-The grandkids, a little older, are given puppies and/or kittens as gifts from the Dowager. They are promptly killed off in a freak steamroller accident.

-Matthew will have an identical cousin; Edith will marry him. Mary will acquire more and more cats and live in a Grey Gardens situation. 

-Hercule Poirot shows up and more main characters start to die in strangely unlikely ways. Who is the murderer?

Back off Tennant!


  1. It's always a bit of a let down when you can see the machinery of the plot working. Killing off a main character at the end of the season is such a cheap and obvious soap opera tactic. Oh well.

  2. It is getting very soapy... Maggie Smith keeps me watching...