Saturday, August 24, 2013

Westwood Library Annex Sketch

Westwood Library Annex
Detail from odd frieze over the door. We could spend days sketching this place.
I have had my eye on this building to sketch for a while(only a mile or so from my house), so Vanessa and I had a beautiful day to check it out.

It is cram packed with sculptural details. We call is the angry baby building due to the prevalence of the unhappy looking cherub faces.

Angry Cherub Exhibit A

Cherub Exhibit B

I hope this building is still being used. It looked pretty deserted. It could have been closed. There was a Mad Cap Puppet sign in the window, maybe they bought it?

If no one is using it,  I want to live there.

Vine video:

Faun and cherub detail

Lovely non-cherub detail

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