Friday, March 29, 2019

Workshop Madness!

I am doing a workshop at PLAZA Artist Materials April 19th kicking off our Urban Sketching Topics series: Simplify the Structure: Quick sketching complex scenes with Christina Wald

Sometimes it is overwhelming to figure out where to start when drawing a complex cityscape, building, or interior. The workshop will have tips and demos for sketching on the go.

20 minute sketch of the clock in Central Park in ballpoint pen
20 minute sketch of the Flatiron building in ballpoint pen
This was sketched  years ago and there are even more SUPER tall buildings here!!

For the kids!!

As part of out May the Fourth annual Star Wars tribute show, we are teaming up with the Cincinnati Public Library not only to do a kids fan art show but to also do a series of How to Draw Star Wars Workshops!

I will be at all three workshops. See you there! All are FREE!!

March 30th:

April 6th:

April 13th:

My new How to Draw Yoda  and TIE Fighter sheets!At a library in a galaxy near you!!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Jules Verne Show

Steam Powered by Christina Wald
I recently did a piece for the Jules Verne Expo in London. I chose The Steam House because the lure of illustrating a steam powered mechanical elephant was irresistible.

More info here:

Here is a process video:

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Ral Buldhar: A Dungeons and Dragons Art Show

The Justice League Adventuring Party
I am a part of this fun show opening on the 11th!

“At the confluence of The Cascades and the River Eyathyr, three great kingdoms also intersect. Between them all is a towering spire of rock, buttressed by enormous stone monoliths in the form of ancient giants. Atop this spire, creatures of all races meet to trade, negotiate, argue, and find their fortunes. This is Ral Buldhar, the City of Giants.”

In the summer of 2018, twelve writers, performers, and artists, strangers to each other, assembled in Cincinnati to undertake the adventure of a lifetime: a campaign of Dungeons and Dragons. Split evenly into two tables of six, this group of met weekly for three months to roll dice, role play, laugh, and explore Ral Buldhar - where fate had greatness in store for each of them.

On January 11th, we invite you to the opening of an art show made up of work from their experience playing together.

Performances: TBA

The Game Masters: Jeb Brack & Alexa Justice

The Players: Aiesha Little, Anissa Pulcheon, Christina Wald, Gabrielle Lanza, Geoffrey Woolf, Jay B. Kalagayan, John Sebastian, L.D. Nehls, Marcus Donaldson, & Scott Holzman.

Chase Public
2826 Colerain

We also did a radio play and there is a lot of cool art!

The Displacer Beast!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Happy Holidays!

Kora and Linus from the Cincinnati Zoo!
It has been a crazy but great year in many ways! Looking forward to 2019!

Fiona Ornament art
I also made ornaments, just a fun thing to do for the holidays...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Cao Chong News and Glorious Samples!

Six book series Birds on the Wing
I got a big group of samples at once. Eight Books actually... I think the first was done in 2015 and I finished up in 2017.

These are readers for Heinemann.

Several Spreads
Baby Wood Ducks!
Adorable Mango Tree Book!
This book I worked on partially while in Costa Rica. It was fun to be in a rain forest. My first time! I got a TON of reference.

The Sweet Mango Tree Spreads
Tiger Mango Love

In other news, Cao Chong Weighs an Elephant is on the 2018 Purdue University Engineering Gift Guide!

What an honor!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Team Huldra!

I am excited to announce that I will be part of Team Huldra on Light Grey Art Lab's 2019 Norway Artist Residency!

Here is the whole team:

Huldra is the perfect name! In Scandinavian folklore, the huldra (Norwegian, derived from a root meaning “covered,” “hidden,” or “secret”) is a very elusive and seductive creature of the forest... (According to Google)

I hope to get some family to meet me after to check out Oslo.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Coming Soon! Elin Books by Melanie Oesch

Book 1: Elin the Wood Elf Girl
I recently completed illustrations for the awesome book series about an elf girl and her owl best friend. They are written by Melanie Oesch, musician and yodeler.

I will have more art and a link to order the books soon!

Book 2: Elin Makes New Friends
I was lucky enough to go to the Eriz Valley in Switzerland where the books take place, sketch, and shoot a ton of reference photos.

Castle in Thun, Switzerland
The Eriz Valley in person!
Sketching in Thun
Final color sketch in Thun
Sneak peek of one of my favorite images from the book!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Hidden Shoreline

The Hidden Shoreline is such an unusual and fun book to illustrate. Peter Strandwitz, the author, has written a book with poetry, adventure and heart. He said the idea came to him fully formed in a dream. He often writes poetry about his story, characters and life in almost a Tolkienesque way. He is working on an incredible sequel.

You can get a copy here:

My awesome web page designer, Jon from 3Verb, also did the book's page.

Always ready to help!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

3 Questions with the CBC

I recently did the Children's Book Council's 3 Questions series. They let me make up the questions so I asked around to see what people wanted to know about what I do!

So much fun! 

Here is the link:

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Profile on Voyage Chicago

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit and sketch in so I was thrilled when Voyage Chicago contacted me to do a profile. They mostly write about metro artists, but occasionally cover regional ones. 

I should also mention that my awesome author Songju Ma Daemicke (Cao Chong Weighs and Elephant) lives in Chicago.

Thanks to my friend Jeb Brack for the referral!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Travel to France and Switzerland

Dijon, France

Dijon, France

Lyon, France

Marseille, France

Sketching in Marseille
Marseille, France

Marseille, France
Paris, France

Avignon, France

Albi, France
Thun, Switzerland

Me and my mom in Thun
Eriz, Switzerland

Sketching in Eriz

Here are some of the sketches from my trip to France and Switzerland in May. It has been a dream of my mother's and mine to travel for a month. This year the stars aligned and I had two cousins in France on sabbatical for a year in France.

My cousin Maria and her husband Tom were in Lyon and my cousin Gina's husband had a Fulbright Scholarship in Marseille. I even did a school visit in Marseille at their sons' school!

 I did around 35 sketches but these are some of my favorites.

Many more are on my Instagram page.

Monday, April 30, 2018

May the Fourth Festivities

This has become a Cincinnati illustrator premiere event! Art from CF Payne, David Michael Beck, Jim Effler, Carl Samson, Richard Luchek, Kevin Necessary, Christina Wald, Amy Bogard, Sarah Rocheleau, Anthony "Tank" Mansfield, Sara Leah Miller, Jaimie Filer, Tim Fuller, Michael Colbert, Chris Reiff and many more!

Hope to see you there!

K + R Shipping So Hard by Christina Wald

"I'm One With The Force. The Force Is With Me." Chirrut Îmwe by Christina Wald
 We are also doing more community outreach this year and are having our first kids art show!

Allison from the Walnut Hills Library holding up one of my sketches

We kicked that off with teaching how to draw aliens and droids at the Walnut Hills Public Library. Somehow, we ended up drawing spaceships too.
How to draw an angry wookie in 6 steps...

Allison, Kevin, Tim, Christina
Drawing sheets from our event