Monday, August 19, 2013

Trip to the Cincinnati Zoo and Other Animal Sketches

We saw these llamas in Missouri...
 I have a couple books about animals coming up, so I have been going to the zoo and other animal places to take pictures and sketch.

Sorry this is not a wordier post, I am still beyond swamped pretty much through the end of the year.

Snow leopard sketch from the Cincinnati Zoo… These are such weird cats. This one would come to the fence, touch it with both paws and chew on her left paw, limping off on the other three. At the Bronx Zoo a couple years ago, one was staring at the toddlers looking in by the fence and chewed on her tail… They seem to be frustrated by close but inaccessible prey.

A selection of ink gesture sketches...

Starting to think about bison??!!
And owls...


  1. Fabulous work Christina. Your owl is terrific.

    I'm sorry to hear about the Snow Leopards. They would probably be a lot happier in the mountains where they belong. If I was stuck in a cage with no art supplies I'd probably be chewing on my hand as well.

  2. Thanks! I agree Larry. It must be incredibly frustrating for captive animals. I know they are trying to improve the situation in many zoos, but many are still in very small spaces.