Friday, June 7, 2013

More Sketching Around: Xavier University and Clifton

View from the Schott Tower...
Here are a couple sketches on location with my friend Vanessa. When we started setting up, we both loved the little castle turrets on one of the buildings. Neither of us got them in out sketches though.

I was so irritated about that when I got home that I taped a piece to the top of the sketch and added the part that I wanted.

Vine video:

A week later, we drew in Clifton close to Mt.Storm Park. We loved this house beacuse it reminded us of an Edward Gorey illustration:

Very Edward Gorey. You can almost see a man wearing a big fur coat walking out
Vine Video:

More soon! I have a bit of a backlog.


  1. Really nice Christina. I like how fearless you are with architecture and perspective.

  2. Thanks Larry! I think these exercises really improve all of my painting skills. It has made me rethink a couple of my approaches.