Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sketching in Covington, KY

Scan from my sketchbook... It was a beautiful and blustery day...
We walked around Main Strasse yesterday with Troy's parents (and I worked on this in my sketchbook). 

The streets were strangely deserted and many of the shops were closed. Someone talk me down and tell me the area leaps into action after 5 on a Friday. It was a little disconcerting especially on Black Friday. I worry that many of the businesses they are probably struggling. Hopefully they got a boost from small business Saturday today?

Covington is a really beautiful place with a lot of old buildings and cute shops. It seems like a lot of buildings are empty on Pike Street. I hope they can revitalize like the Gateway Quarter has but it is tough. The architecture is beautiful but renovation is very expensive and there are a lot of factors that make these areas living organisms.

We had a great Thanksgiving with a lot of food, wine and good conversation. I hope everyone reading this had a good holiday.

I love this sign on Pike Street. It looks like something out of Game of Thrones...

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