Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Wordsworth and the Dragon Sketches

I just finished a couple ideas: 

First off, the castle. I went a little crazy on this concept probably because I love castles so much and I have been reading my guidebooks for a trip to Greece I am about to take (the DK versions with all the lovely architecture illustrations with cutaways). The tower in the center is where the alphabet is heavily guarded. I also added a hedge maze, aviary, orchard... I am working on a map too.


The throne room. I am integrating a lot of letters in the design. This scene is from the first chapter with Rho, the King and Sir Clooney. 

Read some chapters here:

You can read up to the third chapter.


  1. I am so excited about these sketches! I LOVE the castle and grounds. And the missing C on the dais in the throne room -- priceless!

  2. Thanks! This has been really enjoyable to sketch on.