Saturday, September 3, 2011

Advance Copies: The Wild Life of Elk

Good News Everyone! I just got some advance copies of The Wild Life of Elk

It was an amazing project and I had an excellent team to work with and it shows in the book. This was also along with author Donna Love, who had the most difficult task of writing a book about elk that was entertaining and interesting and recommended me for this project.

I also was lucky to work with a graphic designer who was willing to make his job a whole lot harder to make the book look REALLY GOOD! (No spread is the same.)

It is a joint venture between Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and US Forest Service and published by Mountain Press Publishing . There is a LOT of art in this book. This is an tiny sample...

Hopefully it will be available at Books By the Banks. There will be some other book signing events along with the book too. Stay Tuned!

Me, doing research in Jackson Hole at the Wildlife Art Museum. I also went to Yellowstone and Missoula,  Montana.

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