Saturday, July 21, 2012

Outing to Loveland Castle

We went to Loveland Castle today with my nephew Joshua. Out in the middle of Symmes Township, this guy spent most of his life building a real castle. The lifestyle must have agreed with him. He died at age 91 and not of old age. He never married, oddly...

Joshua barely made it past the dagger clearance sale.

Cool dragon sculpture
Little entrance gate where I sat and sketched. Note to self: Sketching in the hot sun is a really bad idea. Find a shady spot next time...

Panoramic view


  1. Really nice Christina. Did you sketch that one in a moleskine sketchbook ? If so, how did it do with the watercolour ?

  2. Thanks Larry!

    I used handbook brand which was suggested by Amy who ran our sketch journal workshop:

    She also suggests making your own by getting a used hard cover book, cutting out the inside and sewing in watercolor paper. I am too lazy to do this but my friend Vanessa did:

    And the site that Amy suggests:

  3. thanks for sharing.