Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taos Sketch Journal Workshop Part 1

Except it is not quite Taos yet. We went to Santa Fe First. Here are some sketchbook pages. They had a coupe cats, prairie dogs and chickens at the store in addition to many other wares. We also we to the first of a couple St. Francis churches.

We spend a day going down Canyon Road where there are A LOT of galleries. We saw a lot of cool work but Geoffrey Gorman's was probably my favorite.

Inspired by a boat we saw hanging in Jackelope.

Children's Chapel

We also went to Chimayo, an interesting church complex with a lot of cool stuff to draw. It is known for its holy dirt which people take away in bag and is said to have the powers to heal. Troy is still mad I did not get him some.
Horse on the Grounds

These Mary statues (there were several) were so interesting. They had big eyes and hands...

Finally, on our way to Taos, we stopped for a soak at Ojo Caliente. They have a variety of mineral tubs like iron and soda. It also claims to have healing properties. So by that time, we were set for a good workshop...

There were a couple swallow nests with babies on the porch outside the restaurant. I did this little ink sketch of them


  1. Really terrific Christina. I love that first one.

  2. Thanks Larry! I hope to do a larger painting of that one.