Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making Pysanky

Teresa's amazing collection!

Theresa is the master! The electric wax pen 

really makes the process easier.

I spent the evening over at my friend Teresa's making pysanky, otherwise known as Ukrainian Easter eggs. Or, in my case 'egg'... They take a long time and I am still a beginner.

My feeble attempt... I hope to be good at it one day.


  1. Thanks Christina! Love how yours turned out! So glad we did this last night :-)

  2. They are beautiful! Christina, is this your first attempt? It's very nice. Looks like fun.

  3. I have made several others. I would like to do it more.

  4. Hello! You do not know me but I was looking for a Pysanky craft class in Cincinnati and saw this posting. These are beautiful! I am a teacher in Cincinnati and will be traveling to Ukraine in a month in a teacher exchange program. I was hoping to learn how to make these Easter eggs as a gift for my family. Are you aware of any formal classes in the Cincinnati area? Thanks!

  5. Gosh Sharon, I am not sure. My friend Theresa and her sisters make these and have for years and she has generously invited me to join her. I do not know of any classes, but that does not mean there are not some. I will ask her.
    You can buy all the tools and see the process on this site: