Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Blog! Wordsworth the Dragon

I have started doing some sketching on this wonderful book Scotti Cohn has written called Wordsworth and the Dragon.

Here is a link to read the first chapter:

My favorite non-human character is the Dragon Dash. He actually has a dash of the dragon from Grendel.

As far as humans, here is my first sketch of the main character Wordsworth on his Cavabok. I have painted Springboks before (and spronking Springboks), bit this was more pony-like. I wanted him to be more solid like a pony than the slender gazelle look. This could be the new unicorn! Looking at my most recent sketch, I may add some gazelle markings to add a little wildness.

Finally, a view of the hero... More soon! The blog:

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