Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicago Visit 2011

Really Cool picture of jellies. I love the glass reflection. It looks like it is from another dimension...

I thought this was an octopus, Troy thought it was a Cthulhu...

This frieze is amazing. So were the bronze doors.     
Just got back from a beautiful weekend in Chicago.

 The Shedd Aquarium is a retrofitted building from the 1893 exposition. Lots of gorgeous sculpted detail. Nothing is built like this anymore, unfortunately.

We also went to Oak Park. Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked there until he took off with his mistress in the early 1900s. He influenced and  built a lot of the homes in the area-none of which I will ever be able to afford...
Troy by an enormous fish sculpture...

Me by Frank Lloyd Wright's studio

How can you improve upon great home architecture? A huge inflatable water slide!

We missed our window of opportunity. This house was completely redone in the late 1990s and was sold recently for 3 million dollars. (Originally listed at 6 million but at a bargain price due to the real estate market crash...)

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