Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Brown Bat T-Shirt Design

This is the other design for the festival. Big brown bats are so cute.

Yes, many people get these bats as visitors. It is a good reason to put out a bat box. Bats eat a LOT of insects and are extemely valuable to the environment but are unfortunately misunderstood.

Some species of bats are being wiped out by the white nose fungus which is still spreading and could be catastrophic...


  1. I'm in Virginia, and I would love some big brown bat shirts--yours are great. I don't see them on your etsy site. Where might I buy them?

    Leslie Sturges
    The Save Lucy Campaign

  2. That is great! I am glad you like them. Send me an email. You can get them directly from me. The address is on my site :)

  3. Hi, Love the Big Brown shirt! Unfortunately white shirts and I don't get along very well (I'm messy). Could you do any other color tee or does the transfer not do well on darker colors?