Monday, June 7, 2010

Comic Side Projects: 12-Way with Cheese

In honor of 12-Way with Cheese being released, I thought I would show how differently things started.

As I said, I have worked on this story concept for YEARS and could not get it to gel.

Below here is the first attempt...

 After I kept sketching and working on the story, I realized the art was totally in the wrong direction. As a result, I worked on new more cartoony concepts as seen to the left here. I even had a whole manuscript with a different story I tossed.

This is the final result:

So, stay tuned now that the book is out for upcoming signings and events. There was even just an article about the book in CityBeat. Check it out!

I should also mention we just had a blurb in Imagine FX as well!

Speaking of anthologies, I am also in Allen Freeman's latest Slam Bang comic anthology lampooning fast food. See my contribution here!

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