Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Red Bat-Anticipation

Little Red Bat is shipping the first week in March and so I am posting some of my favorite pieces from the book in anticipation of it coming out.

Above is my favorite painting from the book!

While I worked on the sketches, I visited a couple who do bat rescue and happened to have a red bat family they had rescued and released a week or so later in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. (This took a LOT of phone calls. Red Bats are hard to track down in captivity) It helped so much to see them in person and I took video of the bat moving. It completely altered the way I drew them.

As an illustrator it emphasized how important it is to see the real animal you are drawing if possible. It allows you to really see and understand.

Carole Gerber and I will have a kick off signing at Blue Marble in Ft. Thomas on April 17th from 2-4.


  1. This is such a wonderful book, and I love your art! You've managed to give the bat a personality!